Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Going to Year 2 ..

Next 2 weeks I will go to Diploma studies year 2. And never doubt , I feel very happy and expected in my deep heart.Year 2 is my new beginning life at KL again , this is because Year 2 definitely different with Year 1.In Year 1 , most of the covered subjects are same , nothing much different , and I just learn the basic knowledge only such like fundamental maths , basic theory about Information Technology etc.

In the new beginning , I would like to find other way to gain more knowledge and improve my skill.Joining society club such like computer science society is one of efficiency way.From there , I can make more friends , furthermore I also can getting close with new technology .The important is we can share and discuss together whatever hot topic and studies .Last sem , so lucky  I had joined the Cisco event .In my mind , "Cisco" is the big name in the Information Technology , and also is  the well-known networking academy company , selling high -tech networking hardware over the world.Not bad also join this event , even I not really know about networking .ha.

Recently , there are my breaking new in our country .And I won't like to talk at my space here .But , one thing I need to state that is only the open- mind ,non- racism ,work efficiency ,clean and always cherish about potential residents country able to be a strong country .
Hope government will look important at this issue.

Have one year study at TAR college. I realize that I need to always improve myself .And very sad to say , I haven't remove my bad behaviour and I have many Dota Kaki also ..Hihi .But , actually i gained more with compare with other as I am hardworking and patience enough.That's it ,good result come with good attitude and thinking mind.So , hope I can keep this until the end of life .

Ha, last , I would like have a android phone .Nowadays , android and Iphone series smart phone is very famous in this century. I prefer android as android is based on Linux platform , and Linux is one of the major open source .Until now , many developer , programmers would like to join this potential projects .Hope the technology can make a convenient to the people over the world .September will be my birthday , hope that time I will get the new android phone on my hand .So hopefully .

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cheer up please!

Today, the worst things  happened .Don't know when i started feel down , is very very down .....
I feel myself useless , today everything that appear in front of me are look like a piece of white paper .i feel boring , unhappy , sad , hopeless , there are many many complicated negative emotional feeling on my mind .Very painful , i cannot believe that i faced this kind of problem .I always remind myself , i am a very happy person with everything that belong to me , my parents , my friends , all my personal things , i always appreciate so much to everything that god are given to me .I am satisfy and feel enough .

Very boring night .i stay at house , siting in sofa , and get a nap .i feel very tired ,don't know what happened to me .no mood to do anythings .while i show my flash work and web page design work to my friends , i feel humiliate as i am IT student but i make the rubbish work my lecturer.Some of the people through i am very powerful in studies , but i don't think so .Studies is a very very interesting fun and happy things .Also through studies , we can make more friends ,and gain knowledge .We learn together , not only study only but learn with the people they are better than us , i mean their personal attitude , characteristic that we must learn it .

I understand myself , understand my weakness , but there are taking a long time to change and improve myself .As my friend told me . no people can be a perfect person , we are human ,we are same and we must always be patience with the people , don't put the bad feeling in deeply heart .That are so bad and painful .friend always are better than enemy ,friend are very important in our life , the real friend will always willing to listen your sound , your problem , and always caring with you .So hard get this kind of friends....

Wah , i have break my record .so long the sentences i wrote on my personal blog .After keep quiet and thinking my problem , i am realize that i need to more brave and hardworking to change my attitudes , and be more social in my class .sem 3 final exam is approach im my eye , but there are nothing scary to me .Just do it , don;t simply give up , my lecturer give a encourage advise to my class member , he said "NEVER TRY YOU NEVER KNOW HOW BEST YOU ARE .That 's it .!!! Hola , after done many things , write my stupid complicated on my blog , i feel fresh and energetic , hopefully i will getting well .Hope after a sleep tomorrow will  be a happy working day, journey still need to continue , don't doubt your ability ,Jeff , YOU are the best always .Cheer up always cheer up remember !!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

How to decide my life ?

There are nothng to do today ....
What i am doing now is surfing internet , facebook , learn some knowledge by refer the tutorial web site .
Don't know when i begun felt worried with my future .I not worry with my ability to get the nice result , but recently i feel confuse with choose of studies place after i graduate as a  Diploma holder.
In fact , that are no much money for me to study at "high-end" U such as MMU .....and i never think about it .So actually there are 2 choose for me , either TARC advance Diploma or UTAR degree Hons ...
Now my life in KL became stable , this is because i success get the part time job , is long term. .Hopefully , i have make some new friends at the work place .They are nice and friendly people sometimes i feel sorry to them because i always give them many trouble , but that are no choice for me as i am a freshman in the work place .Hope i will be smart and independence in my work.
I always think is it UTAR is the best choice for me to study ? but  in my mind , actually i more prefer to further studies at UTAR , but i worried about financial problem .I worried my parents will panic with my life at Kampar , scare i rushing in my life without anyone ;s help ,now , money is important for me , if i got money ,i can take some professional short course such as CCNA  professional certificate .But after come back the fact , i think that are impossible to me ...
Now , many things i needed to learn .About this annoying problem , i hope i can make more clear with my decision .